The New Lunch Menu

from the Bucci Brothers


  as created by our 3000



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Prices are subject to change.  In store prices apply.  Please call for price of your order if you're ordering for a group of people.

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You can print one out here...or look below

(Prices in parentheses are for a Roll/Hero)


These are the top 10 sandwiches that won our
2009 Sandwich of the Year Contest.

The Top 10
  1. The Pollo Mediterenean (The Gurski's): Chicken cutlets with roasted peppers, baby spinach, melted provolone and basil mayo on a grilled panini.  $7.49

  2. The Optical Demon (Raymond's Opticians): Chicken cutlets with fried onions rings, bbq sauce & melted pepper jack cheese. ($6.49/7.49)

  3. The Precious Panini (Mr. Ross Thompson):  Parma Prosciutto with fresh mozzarella, basil, roasted peppers, tomato and sliced olives on a grilled panini ($8.99)

  4. The Asian Sensation (Mr. Chris Tacca):  Grilled Chicken, asian dressing, grilled onions and sesame seeds. ($5.95/6.95)

  5. The Santorini (Mrs. Tonya Millar-Rodriguez):  Chicken cutlets, feta cheese, baby spinach, greek olives and creamy italian dressing. ($6.49/7.49)

  6. The Pastrami-nini (Lou and Charlie Cerbone):  Pastrami and corned beef with melted swiss on a panini with cole slaw and russian dressing. $6.95

  7. The Phenomenon (Mr Chris Bravo):  Chicken cutlets with tomato and bacon INSIDE of a grilled cheese sandwich. $6.95

  8. The Hawaiitalian (Ms. Lorilynn Zingaro): Chicken cutlets with honey ham, mozzarella, pineapple and a touch of honey mustard. ($6.49/7.49)

  9. La Corace (Ms. Alyssa Corace):  Ham, pastrami, salami, asiago cheese, LT, onions with O.V. ($5.95/6.95)

  10. The Gravy Boat (Mr. Mike Saracco):  Chicken cutlets with hot brown beef gravy and melted mozzarella cheese on garlic bread ($6.49/7.49)