The Bucci Brothers' Mission Statement

To effortlessly serve our customers exactly how they want to be served, when they want to be served-what they want to be served. 

Michael & Thomas Bucci have been "bread" to produce nothing but the best services, and foods that you can get in the market today.  The Bucci Brothers have the experience and passion for foods and our great customers that you can only understand if you frequent our delicatessan.  With John Bucci's continual grooming and guidance, these 2 young 20 somethings have designed and created a new age yet old fashioned Authentic Italian Delicatessan that's straight out of the Bronx.

The Bucci's have received hundreds of emails of apprecation, testimonials, and thank you cards that are available here for you to view so that you'll feel comfortable choosing us for your next big event or next ham sandwich.  The Brothers have had articles written about them in local newspapers, the Putnam Examiner, Putnam Magazine and more...

While we strive to be the absolute finest Authentic Italian Delicatessan in the Hudson Valley Region, we are thankful and humbled to even be in business with today's economy.  Thank you for using the Bucci Brothers' Deli for all of your catering and everyday needs...let us show you our appreciation!  Come on in!

The Bucci Brothers' Story

The Story is a long one, filled with laughs, hard work...and a tremendous amount of tradition. The Bucci family has been in the business since the 1920's and each generation has improved upon the one before. 

Since they were kids, Tommy & Michael worked with their dad, John, whenever they could...washing floors, cleaning pots and pans, stocking sodas and milk, eating candy and breaking chops. The time came when they were older to take on more responsibility and eventually began working behind the counter, with customers and employees on a regular basis. Mike and Tom worked both after school, and summer breaks...winter breaks and spring breaks for their dad, whenever the business needed help.

As they got a little older, as we all do, we started to go in different directions: Mike became a financial advisor for 7 years, and Tommy was on his way to a successful career in music as a fantastic guitar player. As time moved on, whenever they got the chance to, they'd be in the kitchen cooking something up and trying to be the "family cook". Tommy always won. Mike would just sit there and eat whatever Tommy made, he didn't mind losing.

As Michael puts it: Legend has it that one magical night of wine drinking turned into this new business.  As we talked and dreamed about a new venture, over 2 dozen locations failed to come to fruition...leases's in Somers, Pleasantville, Mount Kisco, Briarcliffe, Katonah, White Plains, The Bronx, Yonkers & Poughkeepsie, Fishkill were all missing one thing or more.  It seemed as though our dream of a "good location" was going to end before it began. Then we were approached about a vacancy in Mahopac on the OTHER side of Mahopac from where we were before. As to not compete with any businesses from where we were over 3 years before, we agreed it was far enough that we'd have "our own following", our own business. 

We really wanted to have a business that people would talk about, people would drive to.  We knew that we could make great heros, hot food, sandwiches and platters...but could we put all of those peices together and make it work?  That was the question.  After 3 years, we're confident that we're not just being the best we can be...every day, but that we're consistantly improving and going in the right direction.

Between our father John, mother Nancy, their aunts and uncles, Mike's wife Laurie, Mike's friends & all of Tommy's friends, this place has become something that means more than what we bargained for. It stands for hard work, dreams, communication, love for each other and love for what you do. We were "Born to Slice"

Thank you and see you at the deli

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